Just look into those eyes and you will "fall" in love! Coming into care, rescued at 5 months old, this sweet kitten and her brother Blazer adapted sooo quickly and can both now be picked up, cuddled and love nothing more than a kiss on the head. These two were the only survivors of 8 kittens and cats rescued on a rural property. Mom and 5 kittens unfortunately did not make it. Fall and Blazer are both fixed, thriving and waiting for home - hopefully together - but you must love fluffs - cause they got a whole bunch of that going on being longer haired!

Name:  Fall
Age:  8 months
Category:  Kitten
Breed:  Domestic Medium Haired Tabby
Sex:  Female
Size:  Medium
Special Needs:  No
Status:  Adopted
Reference ID:  720