Meet Tootsie! Tootsie was originally thought to be feral, hence the ear clip, but after a couple of days this sweet girl showed signs of trusting humans and being able to be socialized, so she came into our adoption program.  She is still shy when you first meet her, but give her some pets and see her sweet side bloom, she will rub her head into your hand for more and roll around on her belly.  She has no experience with dogs, and from her recent outing to an adoption event, does not appear to be a fan of their loud barking.  She does enjoy the company of other cats, but appears to want all of the loving and attention to herself.  A quieter home would be best for this sweet girl

Name:  Tootsie
Age:  9 months
Category:  Cat
Breed:  Domestic Short Haired - Grey & White
Sex:  Female
Size:  Medium
Special Needs:  No
Status:  Adopted
Reference ID:  244