Adoption Fees

Regular Adoption Fees (except during Adoption Events)

Kitten (under 6 months old)                                   $200 *

Cat (over 6 months old)                                        $150 *

Special needs cats       (unsocialized, senior etc.)    based on placement

Special Breed - fees are at the discretion of TFF

* We LOVE to see 2 kitties find their forever homes together, especially siblings, so to encourage this, we offer a discount off of the Regular adoption price, on a second kitty, when you adopt two at the same time.

Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, age appropriate vaccinations, deworming & flea treatments. Most have also been microchipped. All adult cats will come spayed or neutered.  If the kitten is not yet ready for spay/neuter, TFF will arrange for the procedure to be done with TFF's vet, at a later date (the cost of which is included in the adoption fee).