Posted by Donna on Feb 18, 2019, 12:52 p.m.

The Forgotten Ferals year in prospective 2018

What a year this has been! As with any rescue it has been filled with so many ups & downs. From the moments of exhilarated joy like when the last kitten at Wendy’s or the “Burnt out building” were trapped, or when some of TFFs cats that had been in care for a long time like Bertha & Doyle were finally adopted into loving homes, to the absolute lowest of moments, the most devastating of which was the loss of some of our really sweet kittens and Buster. The losses really hit us hard, and there were many times that each of us struggled & questioned if we could keep doing this, if our hearts could take any more, but there was always another sweet innocent kitty that needed us and so with everyone’s love and support we kept going. What amazing things we can do when we all work together for the sake of the animals.

In 2018:

275 cats & kittens were taken into care, and as of yesterday 227 have found homes!!!!